Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Long Time, No Sea:)

OK, so it has been a while as we get the hang of this media.....

And now for my Shelfari! Added just today, I think I love it! and I will continue to add all the books we have here at Wild Island Resorts, although some are just on my wish list. I love seeing my books there and don't mind sharing them with our guests when they come to visit. Now here is a way to know what you can read on vacation without having to lug lots of books through the airport!! Although if you are a book person you won't be caught dead without at least a book or two to read at the airport or on the plane, or a paperback to carry in your beach bag.....although, I have done it soooo many times, I know....... You will be mesmerised by the color of the water, the cool breezes, the lapping of the waves at your toes, and all the little pieces of shell particulate that make up the gorgeous sandy beaches of the Bahamas, and you won't get past page three, if you even take it out of your bag:) Yeah, I am a book person.....and yeah, I still bring one along.....but I know I won't make it far, because it always happens to me, too:)

Oh, and we have a copy of Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh in each of our Lubbers' Landing cottages.....but she says the exact same thing.........

See you when we sea you:)
and don't forget to bring a book....or not!

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